Fat Hippo – A Gluten Free Review

Fat Hippo is a small burger chain, located in the north east, UK.

Over the past year, I’ve been to Fat Hippo in Durham a whopping 5 times, and once in Sunderland.

Just by that you can tell I like it.

But being there so many times means I can give you all an honest and well informed opinion on the chain.

I’ll start with Sunderland as I’ve only been once.

They’ve got a pop up restaurant in the Bonded Warehouse, which opens on a Wednesday and Sunday. I facebooked them well ahead of time asking for gluten free options, as I thought it would be best to just ask.

But to my disappointment, they had no buns, or burgers for that matter. Instead, they gave me a few chicken breasts, rocket and chips. And still charged me the full price. I have to admit I wasn’t impressed by them, and it really didn’t make me want to go back.The chips were good, cooked well and tasted nice. But the chicken was a little pink still and just didn’t taste anything like the classic Fat Hippo taste.


Now, Durham on the other hand is a different matter. They always have gluten free buns and serve a wide range of burgers, from chicken to beef with all the fillings you could ever need.

I first went to Fat Hippo in October 2017, where we tried their milkshakes for the first time. Honestly, I’d recommend them any day of the week. They taste exactly like angel delight and are so moorish that before you know it you’ve drunk the whole thing in one go. Plus, they’re quite cheap, and definitely worth the the money.

I’ve also tried their nachos. It’s amazing they’re gluten free because they taste out of this world. Plus the portion size is so large it could easily feed more than two people. I’d definitely warn you to go here with an empty stomach if you’re planning on having nachos and a burger (and maybe even a desert).

But, they’re topped with masses of salsa, sour cream and cheese. You’ll never accidentally have a naked nacho, I’ll tell you that.

I usually stick to the Italian Job burger, which is a chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket and pesto mayo. Although I’m not very adventurous with my choice of burger, there’s many other gluten free options. But, if you’re a vegetarian and gluten free, this isn’t the place for you. Those options are incredibly limited and I wouldn’t recommend coming here for that.

I’ve had a mainly positive experience with this burger, there’s usually very quick service and tastes amazing. Plus, I’ve never been cross contaminated or glutened by accident.

The only issue I’ve ever had is that the burgers are obviously pre frozen… as I’ve had one sent to my table still half frozen. I was too polite to say anything at the time but I do regret that, as I was served a frozen bun which made my burger soggy as it defrosted. But besides that it’s always been good.

Plus, their chips are amazing. I usually opt for the skinny chips, and they’re so good. I don’t know what it is about them, but you’ve got to try them.

I’m usually absolutely stuffed by the time it comes to deserts, but I’ve had great recommendations from another gluten free girl that their cheesecake is great. They have a Toblerone cheesecake which is gluten free, which I’m dying to try.

The other day, we decided to order a Fat Hippo to take away, to mix it up a little.And of course, I got the same burger as usual, which was as expected… but the chips were different. They tasted like the soggy chip shop chips which had obviously been out for a long time. They’re weren’t very good I have to say. It was quite a disappointment in my opinion.

It could be because the burgers were wrapped up and placed in the tubs on top of the chips, which could have caused condensation but whatever it was, it wasn’t nice.

I do have to say I was very impressed at the burger. The bun seemed almost better than usual, they may have changed their supplier (but I could be wrong on this) as it seemed much more fluffy and light. It was a good change and really made me want another burger straight after finishing mine.

All in all, Fat Hippo is honestly amazing for gluten free food.

I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a good burger, with staff that are attentive and well trained. I’ve not met many people who don’t rate this restaurant highly.

I’m looking forward to trying their other two restaurants soon!

If you’ve been to Fat Hippo, let me know your opinions!

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