Cafédral Durham – A Gluten Free Review

Cafédral is a tiny cafe in Durham, UK, which is fairly easy to find. It’s on the street which has Flat White and Fat Hippo, but as the name implies, it’s near to the Cathedral.

I admit it’s been a while since I went to Cafédral, but I can’t wait to go back.

Although when I visited, it was a pretty busy days they made sure that the wait wasn’t long, and we ended up being sat on a sofa, which was very comfy.

The service was so good, we had our drinks taken straight away, and the waitress even went to double check what options there were for me, and I was so surprised there were two scone options (cheese and fruit). They even offered gluten free sandwiches if you wanted one, for this they could adapt any sandwich from the menu, but use gf bread instead.

We started by ordering two coffees and a caprese salad, which was so lovely, although covered with lots of balsamic vinegar which was a little over powering at times.

But, it was a good amount for two people, and gave us a lot of hope for the scones.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my scone, I was too excited to eat it. But, I ordered the cheese scone, as this was all they had in that day.

It was so good! It was homemade and you could tell. It had the perfect amount of crumble and a good amount of cheese.

As far as I can remember it wasn’t too pricey either, compared to some other restaurants and cafes in Durham.

If anyone is there for a little trip, I’d recommend you pop in for a drink or a snack. The decor is very cute, and the atmosphere is great. Plus, you can’t complain when they offer so much gluten free!


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