Chiquito – A Gluten Free Review

I’ve been to several different branches of Chiquito, many times. Each time I’m not disappointed.

Although I always order the exact same dish (the grilled chicken fajitas) it always tastes amazing. Plus, it tastes like it would be a lot more healthy than other meals out, like a pizza for example.

The dish comes with sliced grilled chicken, on top of sizzling onions and peppers. There’s way more onion than peppers, which is a bit of a shame, but makes you savour the taste of the pepper much more. Plus, there’s loads of it, so you don’t run out of filling for your fajitas, even if you order more wraps.

It comes with a side plate of sauces, like salsa and guacamole, but there’s never enough of it! You can see in the picture how much is served and for the amount of chicken and onions there are, the ratio is quite wrong. Especially if you get more wraps, as these are unlimited. Then, you’re completely at a loss.

You’ll end up having an plain onion wrap.

The service at my last visit, at the Harlow branch, was so good. The waiter interacted with myself and the family with ease, and joked with us throughout the visit.

The only down point of the entire visit was when a different waitress brought over mine and my mum’s food at the same time. It all seemed well and good, she had ordered the vegetable fajitas so it made sense they were brought out at the same time. But, and I quote, the waitress said “I assume this ones yours” whilst giving me the gluten free one.

I took that to heart, I didn’t understand why she presumed mine was the gluten free one. Was it because I’m a teenage girl? That’s the only conclusion I could come to, but that seems ridiculous. Just because I’m young… it brings me back to my “Most annoying things about being gluten free” article. It’s a valid medical issue which can happen to anyone at any age.

I was quite put out by that, it didn’t seem like a fair comment to make. I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend me, and it was a simple miscommunication but it still got to me.

That aside, the food was amazing. With so much choice for the gluten free eater, it’s worth a visit.

Plus, they have a 2-4-1 deal on cocktails before 8pm. The cocktails are so tasty, and there’s a wide array of them to choose from. I personally usually opt for the pornstar martinis, however this time, I tried out the passion fruit mojito. I highly recommend it.

With so many locations nationwide, a branch can’t be too far away. Google it now, and book a table. I’m sure you’ll love it.


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