M&S Chicken Burgers – A Gluten Free Review

As we all know, M&S is a goldmine when it comes to gluten free food.

Their range is huge and it always tastes amazing. Yesterday, when I went shopping, their chicken burgers were reduced from £3 to £2.25, so of course, I had to buy them.

If you were to buy them at full price, that would mean each burger cost only 75p, as there’s four in a packet, which really isn’t bad for gf food.

On the packet, it tells you to cook them for 20 minutes but I found they took closer to 30, which is a bit of a pain. But, they’re worth the wait.

They’re surprisingly good, with the ratio of bread crumbs to chicken being in favour of the chicken.

In my opinion, you really wouldn’t guess they were gluten free. They’re worth trying if you want an easy but healthy dinner.

They’re perfectly matched with the M&S gluten free burger buns, which I bagged for £1.10, as they were very close to the expiry date.

Plus, homemade guacamole to top it off. If you want to see a guacamole recipe, just hold on tight, it’s coming! It’s super easy to make and complimented the burger perfectly.

I’m very excited to see what M&S brings out next. The withdrawal of their scotch egg felt like a massive step back, but they seem to be doing wonders for the gluten free community.

If you’ve got any recommendations of food you think I should try, let me know!


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