Travelling – Liverpool

From the 4-6th April, I took a trip to Liverpool with Oli. Having never been there we weren’t sure what to expect, but spoiler: expect The Beatles.

4th April

We were lucky enough to travel up in first class, which provided us with extra comfort, despite feeling incredibly travel sick on the way up there. I was lucky enough to be given a gluten free roll and vegetable soup, which I was not expecting. But, after almost five hours of sitting on trains, we ended up in Liverpool.

It wasn’t the best weather when we turned up, overcast and rainy, but we quickly headed to our hotel so we could drop our bags and head to the docks.

DSC_0624_Fotor (2).jpg

We immediately saw the strangest statue you could possibly imagine. It got weirder when we found out there were 125 of these “lambananas” across the city. Each were painted with the strangest of patterns, but were admittedly pretty cool. They reminded me of the cow parade in London years ago.

DSC_0618_FotorAlong the docks, they had a great statue of the Beatles. Loads of tourists were huddled around, itching to get a photo, so of course, we had to join in and get our own.

This was the first stage of the Beatles overdose.


Then, we headed to the Tate Liverpool. After visiting the Tate Modern a couple of weeks back, we were really hoping this museum would be totally different. It was.

It featured work by Roy Lichtenstein, plus many other weird and wonderful paintings and sculptures. We only stayed around an hour though, as we started to get pretty hungry, and after deciding on a restaurant, we set off.

30173561_1222982114505452_21352839_o.jpgWe went to a restaurant called Wahaca, which served mexican food, mostly tapas. The gluten free menu was surprisingly large, offering several tapas dishes and mains. We ordered two dishes each, but both ordered the chicken and avocado tacos. They were so good that we even ordered a third dish of them in place of a desert. If I’m honest, it took a while to get used to the warm chicken mixed with the cold avocado, but in the end, I think it worked. If you’re in Liverpool, it’s definitely worth a visit here. Each dish is only around £5 so it’s a real bargain. Plus, the waitress was so nice, and made sure everyone involved in the food preparation knew my requirements.

DSC_0693We then headed to the Cavern Club, which calls itself the “most famous club in the world”, and you can really see why. People such as Stevie Wonder, Queen, Arctic Monkeys and of course, The Beatles, have played here. It’s a really cool venue too, it’s underground and very cosy, with a capacity of maybe 200 at a push. We stayed to see two performers, who both deemed the classic Beatles haircut and played solely Beatles songs. They were clearly very talented, and had a good laugh with the audience, but I have to admit, both myself and Oli said it became a bit annoying to hear song after song, and some were even repeated. BUT, it’s 100% worth going. It’s a must see place, and as it’s in the heart of Liverpool, there are plenty of places to visit after if you wish to.

5th April


First thing in the morning, we visited Albert’s Dock, where we found a small Beatles memorabilia shop. Here we decided to buy two pairs of sunglasses, as we forgot our own. And of course, in true Beatles fashion, Oli chose a pair of small round John Lennon glasses. They were perfect for the occasion, and added a really cool filter on blue objects, which was an added bonus.

After a long hour’s walk, we arrived at Sefton Park. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and it was definitely t-shirt weather. The park itself was huge, with a lake running through and a greenhouse style garden in the middle.  We spent hours sunbathing and exploring, I’d definitely recommend this as a place everyone should visit if they’re in the area.

30074641_1222979244505739_1025093569_o.jpgWe then headed to a Spanish Tapas restaurant, called The Salt House, for dinner. The food was so good we demolished it faster than a blink of an eye. We ordered three dishes, but by far the best was the chorizo plate with fried egg. It was honestly amazing. We also ordered chorizo covered in honey which was so tasty. It was all worth the money, as each dish was around £5-7 each and was a relatively large portion size.

For gluten free options, this restaurant is underappreciated. It deserves to be more advertised for their gluten free options, as the menu was large and the service was so attentive.

Wandering round Liverpool at night was very interesting, the city was completely different from in the day time. The strangest, and rather creepy, thing was a statue of Queen Victoria which you could not see any of the features, but had blue fairy lights above her.

6th April

Our final day in Liverpool. It was far less hot than the day before, but it was a lot more windy. We decided to go to the World Museum first, as we had heard many good things. It was definitely worth it, they had some very cool exhibits, such as the room filled with mummies which was very interesting.

But, the museum was absolutely flooded with children. They were everywhere, left right and centre. Some were screaming wildly, others running around, some were just stuck to their parents, but it was like a sea of children. It got incredibly annoying, it made us feel somewhat out-of-place, but the museum was good. I’d recommend it, but perhaps if you’re going to visit, visit when it’s not a school holiday, so you can calmly look at everything.

30125675_1222978951172435_1456703348_oThen, we wandered round Liverpool, looking for a place for lunch. Initially we headed towards a pub, but once we were there, we found there was no options for food and it was eerily empty. So, we walked back into the centre of town, and found a small tapas restaurant (surprise… tapas again). Brasco Lounge was a lot more casual than the other two places, but played really good music and had a great atmosphere. The gluten free menu was genuinely amazing. It had so many options, you would never think it was the gluten free menu. It’s definitely worth going to. We ordered three dishes, avocado dip, chorizo and black beans and pulled chicken and chorizo. They were really good, and tasted as good as they look. But, the only downside is that we were still a bit peckish after. We ended up going to another place for an apple crumble, which was so worth it.

After a few more hours exploring, going to Beatles shops and trying to find the yellow submarine, it was time to head home. We’d out-Beatles ourselves, we’d heard so many of their songs and seen so many pictures and statues, that I think we’ve had our fix of them for at least a year (or maybe less).

We got on the train, expecting a short four hour trip home. But, that wasn’t going to be the case. The first train, from Liverpool Lime Street to Euston was supposed to take just over two hours, but we were there for over three, due to a fire near the tracks between Watford Junction and Euston. Because of this, the station at Euston was packed. Lots of trains, including the one due to leave after ours, was cancelled. So no one was leaving Euston, and no one after us was getting in. We ended up getting back at around midnight, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you we were practically asleep for the last part of the journey.

It was a tiring end, but the whole trip was amazing.

If you ever get the chance to visit Liverpool, whether you’re going for gluten free food, the Beatles or just to look around, do it.


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