The Most Annoying Things About Being Gluten Free

As some of you may know, being gluten free doesn’t just mean avoiding gluten in your food.

It could mean not using certain shampoos and body washes, and not drinking certain alcohols.

It’s an expensive lifestyle, and certainly not one you choose to live.

The biggest thing that gets on my nerves is when a waiter asks you if you want a gluten free menu because of a medical reason or by your own choice.

It’s not them asking that annoys me, it’s the fact that people choose a gluten free diet, without having a medical reason to do so.

Who would choose such a restrictive diet on purpose? Yes, there’s so much more on offer now than there was five years ago or so, but it’s still not amazing.

People who choose it to be “more healthy” when in reality it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t need it for a reason. Plus, you’ll find us, who actually have to eat this way, snacking on jam tarts and other unhealthy treats much more than you’ll expect.

On the topic of restaurants, another thing that grinds my gears is when you ask whether a dish is gluten free and they reply with something along the lines of “it’s made out of potato, so it’s gluten free”. But that’s not what I asked, I’m sure there’s more than one ingredient in that dish. It can’t be one big pile of potatoes.

I know you can’t expect everyone to be an expert, and to know every detail of every dish. But it would be nice if they could check, so you don’t run the risk of being glutened later.

Another big pet peeve is when people ask what happens when you get glutened. Often, I just tell people it’s a bit messy and you don’t want to know.

But, they always want to know the gory details. And… 90% of the time, really regret asking me that after I’ve told them, and make a comment on how they “didn’t need to know that”.

I mean, who really wants an in-depth explanation of my body basically exploding?

It’s not exactly the most pleasant image in your head.

Or, when people find out about your dietary requirements and look at you like you’re some kind of monster, which is usually followed up by some comment like “I couldn’t live like that”, or “how do you cope without *insert food here*?”.

I’ll tell you how… a gluten free equivalent. You just get used to not having certain foods, and it’s really not the end of the world.

It’s a big life change, but it’s not like I woke up one morning and said “I really fancy never having pizza again” and depriving myself of the delicious gluten goodness.

And when people say they couldn’t live like that, well it’s a good job you don’t have to, and I do instead. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather eat differently, and not be ill than indulge in normal food and regret it later on.

So no, I’m not just being fussy when I say I can’t have a bite of your cookie, or a sip of your beer just to “remember what it tastes like”.

But sometimes, you get to try the most amazing food, like the image on the header of this post. That was Indian street food in Borough Market, London, and I could not recommend it enough.

Honestly, it was like a taste explosion in your mouth. I’m in the process of writing a review for that place, because I honestly think it’s an undiscovered gold mine. The entire dish cost £5 and it was like heaven.

The most recent change in my life has been changing to a gluten free shampoo. I’ve suffered with scabs all over my head, which crack open and bleed st any point for so long, and just didn’t know why.

Then, on a Facebook group I’m in, I saw a woman saying the same thing. My first thought was that it was madness, there’s no way it could be to do with gluten. But sure enough I checked the shampoo I was using… and it was the cause.

I was mind blown.

So now, another very costly thing is my shampoo. £4.50 a bottle, so that’s £9 every time I need to top up on hair products.

But, it’s worth it. My hair is as soft as ever and smells amazing, and no longer bleeding left right and centre.

You have to admit, that is annoying. I can’t even use the cheapest shampoo to save my poor student bank account.

The worst thing that has ever been said to me, is when I was first diagnosed. Someone I called a friend said I wasn’t “skinny enough” to have coeliac, so I was clearly making it up. She then proceeded to claim everything I was eating had gluten in when she saw me eating.

Yes, of course, I love to make this up! I’d definitely choose this lifestyle! Please tell me more about how you need to have a certain body type to have coeliac!

There are so many little annoying things about living this way. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It makes me who I am, it’s a massive part of my life, something that affects everything I do, so why would I want anything different?

Yes, I miss the simplicity of being normal. But this lifestyle exposes you to many more new foods you’d never dream of trying otherwise. It’s really helped me to become a less fussy eater.

It’s just a shame how annoying it can be.


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