Coming Back Home

After living in a city for three months, with no break, coming home felt like an alien world.

Finally, fresh air, endless green areas and much needed peace and quiet. No more sirens, blaring every half an hour, as another accident occurs. Just the sound of nothingness.

I was tired of seeing the same sites in the city, surrounded by buildings and loud noises. admittedly, I had a beach nearby, but it was so far a walk, it wasn’t a place I could visit often.

So, at the first opportunity I had, I HAD to go out and experience nature. I’d forgotten what clean air tastes like.

Once I’d reached the River Stort I was overcome with feelings. Mostly nostalgia and awe. Memories of my previous summer came flooding back; many days spent wondering the lengths of the river and immersing myself in nature.

It was like nothing had changed, but also everything had changed. The last time I was here it was freezing cold at Christmas, muggy and overcast. But today… it was like a fairy-tale.

The sun glistened on the water, swans swam past us, seemingly on their own mission to get somewhere. The day seemed to last forever.

At one point, we got to witness two male ducks fighting over a female. It was so strange to see how it unravelled, but spoiler, it ended with the female swimming away mid fight and neither male going after her.

We followed the female duck up the river, just to see what happened. But, after the male’s fight, the loser swam away and the winner seemed to bob around, looking for the female it had won, but to no avail. Neither caught up with her whilst we were there.

I think it’s hard to disagree that it’s a stunning place, the pictures really show the beauty of it.

For anyone who’s living in a city and hasn’t been out in a while… do it. Go see what nature has to offer for you.


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