Las Iguanas – A Gluten Free Review

I recently visited the Newcastle branch of Las Iguanas. I hadn’t heard anything about it before, so it was a real wild stab in the dark. But, the risk kind of paid off.

The restaurant served food from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, so there was plenty of choice for everyone.

Processed with MOLDIVI started with a cocktail, a watermelon margarita, as they have an all day 2-4-1 deal on cocktails and mocktails. It was surprisingly good, but got incredibly alcoholic by the end of the drink.

But, it did taste amazing. Plus, the side of watermelon was such a bonus. Although I don’t personally like watermelon itself, it was a fun little extra which added to the aesthetic of the drink.

The menu for gluten free was fairly big. They had options, even for the vegetarian and gluten free diner. This put me in such good spirits, as the amount of options was much more than what I’m used to.

img_0691We began by ordering starters. We had tortilla chips, with all the dips, and cheese dough balls. I was so surprised these were gluten free as they tasted amazing.  And, they came with a chilli butter, which was honestly so good. I’d highly recommend.

I believe the dips were homemade, as they were like nothing I had tasted before. The guacamole tasted so different from what you’d expect but this certainly wasn’t a bad thing. It was a refreshing change, but quite an indescribable taste.

Even for the starters, the portions were fairly big. That was such a good sign for the main course.

IMG_0693.JPGI ordered a taco plank, with the filling being chipotle chicken and guacamole. On the plank you got several small tacos which were filled. It made for a funny sight when you tried to eat them, as the filling would often fall out of the other end.

I thought the portion was quite small. I was expecting more, but nonetheless, it didn’t detract from the taste.

It was full of flavour, and the guacamole perfectly complimented the chicken, creating a blend which I would not expect to be as good as it was.

As the picture showed,  each taco was quite small. This meant I left the restaurant feeling hungry still, and wishing I’d ordered something more filling.

The meal was a part success in my eyes. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a nice meal out. There’s plenty of branches nationwide, including several in London and in Newcastle.

They were very accommodating for allergens, and very attentive service. The staff were careful with taking your orders and making sure you were happy throughout the meal.

If you get the chance, it’s definitely worth going. Let me know your opinions if you do get to visit!


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