The Shopping Trip – H&M

Sometimes shopping can be boring, we can all accept that. So we came up with a fun game to pass the time, and to have a little giggle along the way.

Myself and two of my flat mates went into Newcastle for the afternoon and decided that we should pick each other’s outfits in H&M.

It became a competition. Whoever picked out the strangest outfit won.

Now usually, I’m not a big fan of colour, apart from a splash of yellow here and there. And this is what I would pick myself as an outfit.

Nice and simple, can’t go wrong with black.

But, I knew that wasn’t going to last.

We switched around, so we all had a different person to dress and came up with two outfits (one we think the other person would wear, and one absolutely ridiculous outfit).

I think it’s safer if i start with the normal outfit, which Angel picked out for me.

It was a pretty good match for me, simple, with not too many patterns and a nice yellow jumper (even though it was so big on me I looked like I’d been shrunk).

I’d say it was a solid outfit and could definitely see myself wearing it at another time.

Then, came the weird outfits…

We all ended up picking out hats, a strange but great coincidence, and the most ridiculous outfit to go with it.

Angel was given a floral dress paired with jeans by Alisha. With that, she was given small heels, which she had to keep socks on with. It was a good contender, but not quite good enough.

I was given a mid-calf length floral skirt, paired with a plain white t-shirt. I got some strong mountain woman vibes, you know, the really remote rural village style.

It was really quite something, I enjoyed this outfit a lot. But again, it was no one near the winner. The uncontested winner had to be Alisha. I didn’t hold back on my outfit at all. It was a beautiful clash between colours, a horrific blend of patterns. You’ll have to see for yourself.

There’s no way that outfit wouldn’t win. It’s pure beauty, and frankly, I’m proud of it.

The bottom line is, this is such a fun game to pass the time. I had such a great afternoon with Angel and Alisha and felt like we really bonded.

It’s definitely worth playing at some point in your life, it has the potential to be full of giggles and reveals your inner anti-fashionista. It could also be a fun date idea, with the potential to be a good ice breaker, or even just to see how well you really know each other’s style.


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