Prima Ristorante – A Gluten Free Review

Yesterday, I went with my flat mate to Newcastle in the search of a good pizza. After phoning my first choice restaurant, and being told they could only serve me a salad, I found Prima Ristorante.

But spoiler: they charge you extra to be gluten free.

We were sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant, and seen to fairly quickly. Seeing as it was happy hour, which runs from 12-7 on a weekday, we got two cocktails for £7.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely, playing very chilled music, from Paolo Nutini to Jack Johnson to Deep Blue Something. It was perfect music, in my opinion, as it set a positive mood.

The restaurant offers both gluten free pizza and pasta. However, for a pizza you have to pay an extra £2 for a base, which is quite annoying. But, you’re able to pick any of pizzas on offer.

There’s two options for the pizza, the standard pizzas, such as margarita or ham and mushroom, or premium ones, such as the one I had.

I went for the pizza called “nduja” which had chorizo, chilli and mozzarella. For £9 this wasn’t bad, as the pizza itself was pretty big, but one half of the base was burnt.

But, once past the base, the pizza was quite tasty. There was a good balance between base and cheese, so it was a nice thin pizza. The chillis could have been a lot hotter in my opinion, as they didn’t contribute much to the taste, but a small hint of them was there.

The service was fast, and efficient, with very nice staff. Although they didn’t offer me a separate menu for gluten free, the normal menu showed me what I could have.

I’d recommend visiting the restaurant during the happy hours (12-7 Sunday-Monday, 12-5 Saturday) as the pizzas are at a set price (either £7 or £9 for the premium ones) and the drinks are two for one.

It’s a good quick meal for someone who’s in Newcastle and looking for a gluten free meal that’s not too expensive and doesn’t take a long time to have.

But, if you’re going on an anniversary dinner, a birthday or any other special occasion, I wouldn’t suggest going here.


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