Why Being A Short Girl Is Actually A Great Thing

If you’re anything like me, edging on five foot, it seems your friends’ favourite past times are calling you cute or reminding you how small you are (like you didn’t already know).

Maybe one of them even bought you a birthday present to do with The Hobbit (Jack, I’m looking at you), has your name saved in their phone as “Middle Earth Midget” and even takes photos with you on their knees to be your height.

Maybe they remind you that you’re legally only a few inches off of dwarfism and that you’re so much shorter than all your friends.

Or maybe you still get ID’d for absolutely everything at 19 because people assume you’re 15 because you’re small.

Just yesterday my Nan’s friend asked how old I was, and when I said 19 she was incredibly shocked and told me she thought I was 14/15.

But there’s two ways you can take that.

You could get sour and grumpy, but is that worth it? You can’t change your height so why not embrace it?

For starters, if you have a young face like me, you can get away with being younger when it’s needed. Take train tickets for example. I turn 20 this year, yet I’m still occasionally buying child tickets, and not one person bats an eyelid. An insult to my baby face but understandable, seeing as you’d usually associate shortness with being young.

One massive advantage is that you can easily buy children’s clothes. They’re often very similar styles to adult clothing but as they don’t get taxed, they’re cheaper.

I mean, I’ve given two examples so far, and it’s clear being short is the best thing.

Take my word for it that borrowing other people’s clothes is the easiest, and the comfiest thing. Everything is too big so it’s super comfy and warm, which is great, especially when it’s cold.

For me, my favourite highlight is being able to be an absolute pro at hide and seek. You can easily fit in the tiniest of spaces, where no one would think to look. Undoubtedly, the shortest is always the winner, and you can’t argue… that’s an achievement to write home about.

Most girls love wearing heels on a night out, to a fancy restaurant or even in day to day life. But some girls are worried that if they wear heels they’ll be taller than their boyfriend. Simple solution, be small. In my case, I’ve got over a foot height difference between myself and my boyfriend, which means heels are never an issue and I’ll still look small compared to him.

And finally, one of my favourites. Crowds. The ability to weave through a crowd and get to your destination faster is something that’s a privilege to small people. It’s so easy to slide between two people and work your way through without anyone pushing you away.

So, can you dispute the facts?

Even though you might get called cute all the time, being short is not as annoying as you first might think.


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