The Natural History Museum vs. The Science Museum

I decided that before I went back to uni I had to make a trip to London, to visit the museums I have fond memories of. But, which one was more worth the trip?

Both of the museums are in South Kensington, which is reached by using the Picadilly line. Once you’re off the tube, its very easy to find them. There’s plenty of signs and directions, so there’s no way you can get lost.

The Natural History Musuem

I can tell you, I was not disappointed when I first saw the Natural History Museum, the first stop of the day.

It looked like something from a fairytale, with the lights adorning each tree down the street. It made me so excited for the day ahead.

The highlight of the whole museum had to be the giant whale suspended in the entrance of the museum. It was huge, and so stunning. Plus, the inside of the museum was beautiful. It looked so majestic and royal, the perfect backdrop for the spectacle.

You were able to see the whale from several angles, such as from up high, where you could see the top, giving you a completely new angle.

Although the musem was a lot of fun to explore, we were disappointed that the dinosaur exhibition was shut, as that was one of the main reasons for the visit. To top it off, we felt as if the museum was much more fun as a child, as a lot of it was very interactive and aimed at a younger audience. However, a lot of the museum was very enjoyable and had many exciting things to look at. I especially enjoyed the glass block where lots of butterflies and beatles had been preserved. Plus, seeing as it was totally free, it’s definitely worth the visit.

The Science Museum

Next, we went next door to the Science Museum. They were so close together, it was very convenient. But, I’d say this was my least favourite out of the two. Although the museum had some very interesting parts, a lot of it was aimed at an even younger audience than that of the History Museum. A lot of the exhibitons included games or interactive elements, such as buttons.

When you first arrive at the musuem, there’s an exhbition you walk through which is all about space. It’s really fascinating, there’s even a piece of the moon which you can look at. But saying that, that was probably the best part of the museum, so we didn’t end up staying that long in comparison to the History Musuem.

For a good day out for all ages, there’s no contest. The Natural History Museum had much more to look at and was far more fascinating. It had all sorts of exhibitions, from sponges to dinosaurs. You could easily spend an entire day walking round and not get bored.

But, if you’re taking young children for a day out in London, the Science Museum is worth your time. It’s much more engaging for a younger audience, with lots to do and see which will keep them entertained.

Both of the museums are entirely free, but you can donate money if you wish to, which plenty of people do. So, I’d say, make a day of it. Do both of the museums, decide which you think is the best of the two.

It’s a really lovely date idea too! You could learn a thing or two about a new animal or learn something about the human body. It’ll give you lots of topics to talk about on your date, and if you decide you’ve finish looking round the museums, it’s only a short tube away from central London.

Any day out in London is a great one, there’s so much to do, and so much to see. Go visit the museums as soon as you can, you won’t regret it.


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