Fat Hippo- A Gluten Free Review

Yesterday, I took a trip to Fat Hippo for lunch. Being gluten free, I’ve heard great things about the restaurant, and wanted to try it out myself.

Fat Hippo is a small chain of restaurants. All three of the locations are in the North East of England (Jesmond, Newcastle and Durham), and I visited the Durham branch, which is slap bang in the middle of the city.

We were sat straight away, as the restaurant wasn’t too busy. The tables were fairly close together so you could easily eavesdrop but the interior design was very pretty. It had a pretty hipster feel to it, due to the hanging lightbulbs, but it worked. It was a very intimate restaurant, which is perfect for a lunch trip with friends or family.

The menu for gluten free was very accommodating, and had several options. These ranged from a “naked” chicken burger, to beef burgers with lots of toppings. The only downside to the restaurant was the lack of gluten free vegetarian options, as there were no burgers which suited this diet. I wouldn’t recommend Fat Hippo if you’re both gluten free and veggie.

Personally, I opted for “The Italian Job” which was a grilled chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto mayo on a gf brioche bun.

You’re able to choose between chunky chips or skinny fries, which is a rare choice in the gluten free world. Both taste amazing, but I went for the skinny fries. There’s also sweet potato fries, which look amazing, but unfortunately these aren’t gluten free.

The service was fast and efficient, with lovely staff who were happy to adapt the burgers to suit what you wanted. The burger itself was delicious, and very juicy. You definitely wouldn’t be able to tell it was gluten free.

Everything within the burger perfectly complimented the other ingredients, and the brioche bun worked like a treat.

A big plus was how filling it was, you definitely don’t want a big breakfast or lunch before coming as it really fills you up. The portions are huge, which means more tasty food!

Although the juice did drip from the burger , and it was slightly too big for my small hands, it was an all round success.

I went alongside my boyfriend and my Dad. They are not gluten free, but both agreed that the burgers were very tasty, and were stuck for choice as everything on the menu looked so good.

The most expensive burger is around £11, so it’s a very cheap restaurant and you’re definitely getting more than you pay for. Most of the burgers are around £9-10, and are filled to the brim with great food.

I’d definitely recommend going here no matter if you’re gf or not. If you’re ever in the north east, give it a shot, you won’t regret it.


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