50 Low Budget Date Ideas

Whether you’re a broke student, or just want to save money, this list will give you so many ideas for a great, but cheap day out. Some of them are completely free, which is a bonus!

  1. Take a walk in the park
  2. The Natural History Museum in London
  3. Go to the beach
  4. Binge a TV show
  5. Go to a castle
  6. Visit a new city
  7. Take a walk in a forest
  8. Make and eat a picnic
  9. The Victoria and Albert Museum
  10. Movie marathon
  11. Make a romantic dinner
  12. Go bowling
  13. Make a time capsule
  14. Bake a cake
  15. The Science Museum
  16. Learn a new skill
  17. Go hiking
  18. Go for a midnight drive
  19. Go to a charity shop
  20. Do a photo shoot of each other
  21. Play board games
  22. Go camping
  23. The National Portrait Gallery
  24. Try karaoke
  25. Go star gazing
  26. Swap hobbies for the day
  27. Make mug cakes
  28. Work out together
  29. Go for a bike ride
  30. Do a puzzle
  31. Try rock climbing
  32. Draw/paint each other
  33. Go to a botanical garden
  34. Go people watching and create life stories for everyone you see
  35. Go to a local quiz night
  36. Visit a historic landmark
  37. Make a mood board for your future
  38. Feed local ducks
  39. Visit a local animal rescue shelter
  40. Watch the sunrise/sunset
  41. Try backwoods cooking
  42. Make a bonfire
  43. Volunteer together
  44. Build a fort
  45. Go ice skating
  46. Go on a ghost tour
  47. Find a free concert
  48. Go geocaching
  49. Play crazy golf
  50. Stay in bed all day together

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