Hamilton – A Review

In January 2017, Rachel and I bought tickets for the West-End version of Hamilton. Twelve months later, we got to see it on stage. So, was it worth it?

About a month before, we were worried we wouldn’t even get to see the show, as the first showing was delayed due to the refurbishments taking longer than expected. Luckily, our showing still went ahead, and I’m so glad it did.

The only issue I had was that the scaffolding was still up when we went to see it, so the photos we took didn’t look as great as we were hoping. It ruined the aesthetic but it didn’t take away from the musical once we were in the theatre.

We were told to be there an hour early, and I’m not really sure why, as this meant we were in the building waiting around for what seemed like forever.

But, when we sat in our seats, the excitement was unbearable. We were sat in row R, which was below the dress circle, but to our luck, we didn’t have restricted view.

Rachel, who’s been in love with Hamilton for over two years, was incredibly emotional throughout the performance. Her tears began the second Aaron Burr came on stage, and I don’t think they stopped until we got home.

But can you blame her? The show was nothing short of a work of art.

I have to say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. The choreography was absolutely in sync, and it was mind-blowing. It seemed to seamlessly flow alongside the captivating lyrics written by the genius Lin Manuel-Miranda.

Jamel Westman, Alexander Hamilton, was incredible. He only graduated from RADA in 2016, and to land this major role… you know he has to be amazing. It was almost as if this role was made for him, he played the character so well.

My highlight of the musical has to be Westman’s height. Compared to Rachelle Ann Go, who played Eliza, he seemed like a giant. This meant some of the more serious scenes, such as their wedding, were much funnier as she had to stretch onto her tiptoes to kiss him.

Angelica Schuyler, played by Rachel John, had the most powerful voice, which sparked deep emotion inside you. You really felt her pain during Satisfied, and felt connected to her. I thought the choice in casting was spot on, and really helped to bring the production together.

Throughout the performance, not one person checked their phone, no one turned to their mate to talk. Every single person was immersed in the musical. That shows how powerful this production is, it’s truly something out of this world. It’s not often that a whole audience is simultaneously captured into the music so much that they don’t feel the need to do anything but watch.

The second half of the musical flew past, as the narrative got more intense. My heart hurt as my favourite characters were killed, but these scenes were handled to perfection.

There were scenes where there wasn’t a dry eye in the theatre, everyone was glued to the performance. No one could take their eyes off of the magic happening before them, in awe of what they were seeing.

I think my favourite song was Dear Theodosia, as it was set apart from the other upbeat songs. This song slowed down the pace of the musical, as only Burr (played by Giles Terera) and Hamilton were on screen, sat on two chairs with a black backdrop. It was incredibly heart-wrenching, and I think that’s why it stuck out to me.

Fellow musical lover, Adam Cawthray-Stern, who saw Hamilton the night before we did, described it as:

“The Les Miserables of our generation.”

Perhaps it will run as long as Les Mis has, and become a household classic. I think that’s more than just a possibility, seeing as the musical was faultless. I don’t think I can say anything more.

Although it’s difficult to get tickets, don’t throw away your shot. Buy your tickets way in advance, or enter the lottery for a chance to get them. You’ve got to be willing to wait for it.

It’s something everyone should see, it’s family friendly, and a stroke of genius.

I dare you to find someone who’s seen it and not enjoyed it. I’ve not found anyone, and I bet you won’t either.


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