Dog and Scone review

You’ve heard of cat cafes? Here’s something new, a dog cafe.

Newcastle is home to the cafe Dog and Scone, a cafe like nothing else I’ve been to before.

All I knew about the cafe was the promise of dogs, and coffee. It sounded like the perfect match.

The cafe is home to six dogs, and all of the dogs were very small, the biggest being a corgi, and the smallest being a teacup Pomeranian. Which genuinely, you could easily fit in one hand.

The main fault I found with the cafe was finding it, as after finding ourselves in an alleyway, we both believed we were lost. In fact the cafe is located in a place you’d never expect, but once you’re inside, it’s lovely.

The cafe itself only allows a few customers at a time, so the dogs don’t get distressed by too much commotion. This means everyone gets their fair share of petting time. Each customer only gets an hour in the cafe, but that hour flies as it’s so much fun.

It’s such a great location for a date too! We thought it was perfect for photo opportunities and the atmosphere made conversation easy. Plus, if conversation gets difficult… there’s always the dogs to chat about!

We ordered two coffees to go alongside our time at the cafe, which cost us nothing, as you have to pay a £5 entry fee which covers the cost of your first drink. The coffees were great, and were served very fast. I would highly recommend trying their ice lattes.

The majority of the dogs where happy for you to pick them up and pet them. One even insisted on jumping up and sitting on my lap, which I thought was very cute.

It’s a very surreal experience, spending an hour stroking dogs and drinking coffee. But the atmosphere in the cafe was so upbeat, and a bonus, they only played Disney songs in the background.

The cafe as a whole was a really fun trip, it’s definitely something you’ve got to try out and see for yourself.



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