I came up north for the snow… but where is it?

In September I started university. I travelled from Essex to Sunderland, a tiring six hour drive, and that’s without traffic.

I came to a university up in the North East, where it’s infamously cold. So cold in fact, I don’t think I’ve worn any t-shirts yet. I’ve spent everyday wrapped up in jumpers, keeping my small southern self as warm as I can. Essex, being in the south, was a victim of the massive heatwave of June 2017, with temperatures reaching into the mid 30’s. However, Sunderland got nowhere near as hot.

It would appear that the two places are binary opposites in temperatures, Essex being a warm paradise and Sunderland being in a constant state of subzero temperatures.

So when you see these two photos… which do you think is Sunderland?

If you thought it was the first one, you’d be wrong. I wish it was. (Unless you recognised the bridge in the second photo and knew which picture was which, then that’s defeating the point.)

In fact, that’s a photo of my garden back home. They’ve experienced such a heavy snowfall that my old school had to close.

Here, we got a measly covering on the ground, barely settling. I wouldn’t even call it snowfall. It snowed for nearly half an hour, getting mine and my flatmates hopes up, and that was all in vain. Once that half an hour was over, it was like it never happened.

In our annoyance we decided we would go out and experience the snow anyway. We proceeded to wrap up warm and go for a walk, stopping to make two snow-angels (if you could call them that). I felt like a child making them, it’s been years since I had the chance to do that. But, well you can see for yourself, how they turned out.


We didn’t even bother to attempt making a snowball, let alone an entire snowman like I wanted to.

I honestly do not understand how the south had such a heavy snowfall, to the point where many of my friends made snowmen as big as them. I saw so many Instagram pictures of snowball fights, photo-shoots between friends and well-dressed snowmen.

Did I see any of that from my friends up north? No.

Shouldn’t it be the other way round? A major selling point for a northern university is the promise of a winter wonderland, a romantic backdrop for walks with your significant other, and gorgeous scenery for you to look at whilst working.

But, I got none of it.

I don’t mean to be salty but the amount of snow we got was almost pointless. I get so jealous seeing videos of my dogs playing in the snow, catching snowballs. And I bet you, it won’t snow again now.

Despite it reaching temperatures of -6 degrees in Durham a few days back, there seems no sign of further snowfall. I mean, how cold does it have to be before it actually snows here? I’m not really asking for much.

The worst part is, I’m going back home on Saturday. I can 100% guarantee that once I leave it will snow here, and the snow at home will be melted. I’ll get the worst of both worlds.


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